quiries pt 1 or Bad Things That Happen

(From Saville, Phillips, Stafford and the Bank of England with 5-15% original embellishment, the bleed into the clouds is, on this occasion, entirely intentional)

2 responses to “quiries pt 1 or Bad Things That Happen

  1. What a strange effect this combination of texts has. A ‘suspension’ (not a mixture or blend) of different elements in a liquid:
    particles of IT speak, pieces of economics, politics, etc that could come from the FT or from civil service or banking memoranda, footnotes from academic papers, statistical analyses and so on – and then in the middle of it all the voice of a desperate human being:
    “we call this what it is and it is what it is- read the fucking words”.
    Very curious. Lewis Carroll would enjoy.

    • John,

      Thank you again for your interest, the quoted texts are from inquiry reports into bad things that have happened juxtaposed with the latest Bank of England report on our financial stability. I’m not at all sure that this does what I want it to but there’s enough there to hopefully refine into something that works a bit better. My interventions into this appropriation are intended to carry something about the poem as bearing witness and as data. The line you quote is a voice of angry desperation culled from Philip Roth and Ezra Pound – two phrases that seem to follow me around.


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